Jason Apparicio Surfing Professional


Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Welcome to my website, hope you enjoy what you see! Feel free to ask any questions about the academy.

Blessed love!!!

Jason Apparicio


22 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi, my name is Marcus and My girl friend and I want to go on the beginners day with you. We are staying at the Regent Star Hotel, We would like to do the day next week. My cell number is 723-88-23. Please contact me so we can make plans. Thanks.

  2. Hi, this is Marcus Humphrey again. I just wanted to know if a day next week is possible. I am trying to make plans for my trip to Trinidad and I don’t see a telephone number I can contact someone. Looking forward hearing back from you. Best Regards,

  3. Jason I’ll be in Tobago ( Mt. Irvine) from 29 up to Jan. 1. If you’re around (and working on holiday season) it would be great to take a lesson or two with you and rent a board. My email is Fabio.niccoli@fastwebnet.it (mob. +39 3494344939). I see also one your mob. number here on this webpage. I’ll give it a try also there.

  4. Hi Jason my family and I are coming February 6/13th we would love for you to take us surfing for the day please call me at 516 819 1687 ask for joe thanks.

  5. Hello I am travling with Semester at sea and a few of us are interested in surfing lessons when we get to Trinidad and Tabogo I don’t have the exact dates but can get them easily. Please let me know if it will be possible to set things up.

  6. Ok this is serious please be careful 974 surfers
    Reunion island what a pity! this place has a very big issue with sharks and it probably has some of
    the best waves and surfers in the world! The first time I arrive in 1995 it was already known for its shark infested waters and it’s perfection But it wasn’t really an issue with the Sharks but in the last 5 years it’s become a major issue with over 20 attacks and 7 died including a dog. It took for a little 13 year old ripper name ellio to be killed by a shark for them to act on this deadly issue. Currently they put two fillets protecting the two most popular beaches in reunion and sadly to say we just had another attack because one of the fillets had a big hole in it!!!!! Surfers in reunion have to be smart and wise about surfing and there’s lots of islands next to them with no shark attacks so please surfers of the 974 area be careful and look after each other!!!! Also would like to thank Patrick Flores for all he has done for the 974 surfers and water activities!!!
    Bless ja

  7. Is there anywhere to rent decent boards in Tobago? My last visit there was in 2000 and I am sure there have been many changes. I will be traveling from the Outer Banks of North Carolina and it is getting expensive (and a pain) to bring boards.

  8. Hi Jason, I’m coming to tobago March 11th, with my 2 sons (9 & 11) and husband and would like to surf. The three guys surfed in Hawaii in December and loved it. I am recovering from should surgery so I sat it out in Dec, but ready to try now. All 4 of us could use some lessons, and need to rent boards. As we get closer and see the weather/surf could we book a half day with you? if weather all works out are you available monday march 13th?

  9. Hello Jason, Coming to Tobago with my husband and two kids 3/25-3/30 and hoping to set up for a half day surf lessons with you for the 4 of us. Kids are 9 and 11, tall for age, athletic, love ocean, but new to surfing. Husband and I have both been done lessons and gotten up a couple of times in very small waves, but still super beginner. Hope you are around and we can set something up!

    1. Yes u can check another guy name by Stefan lee chin and he is on all social media like fb or instagram etc let him know u got this info from me!!! Have fun and sorry for the inconvenience bless ja

  10. Hi Jason-

    I am staying in trinidad until the end of June. I am from Florida and surf there, and would love to check out some local waves. My email is annie.madden.fl@gmail.com if you have any availablility between then and now.



    1. Sorry to say I am currently coaching teenagers high level in Martinique for the next four years sorry for
      The inconvenience bless ja

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