Who is Jason Apparicio

My name is Jason Apparicio and I am 36 years young. I started surfing in Trinidad at age 11 with a good friend of mine. We first started out body boarding on the bombing closeouts of Maracas Bay and then started surfing in the clean, warm waters of Trinidad’s north coast. I moved to Florida at age 14 where I attended Cardinal Newman High School in West Palm Beach. This is where I started to compete a lot and progress my surfing to the fullest. In 1991 I was 2nd in my county, 4th in the state and in the top 13 in the United States for the NSSA Nationals. I am a 5 time National Champion of Trinidad and represented my country in the 1992 World Amateur Titles which I received top 20 in the World Juniors, Lacanau, France, best performance of a Trinidadian ever at a world contest. After this I got sponsored by one of Trinidad’s top business companies Angostura to compete as a pro in events around the world. The first year in 1993 I did the ASP East which was a professional tour manly for the Atlantic surfers of United States which I received 17th place in the rankings. I then migrated to France to compete on the ASP Europe tour for five years and I was always was in the top 20 of the tour. After five years competing on the European tour I eventually hooked up with a lot of photographers to do photo shoots around the world in European, American, Latin and Australian mags. I was fortunate to do this for another 10 years which I was grateful for from sponsors ranging from Quiksilver, Katin, Off Shore, No Fear, Counter Culture, Town and Country, Headworx, Reef and finally to Insight. I am currently still with Insight, not as a travel pro surfer anymore but this was the first company to come to me and this is why I will always be loyal to them, plus their image suites my lifestyle and not to the mention the design of clothes are just the best. So now I am developing a Ja movement and it consist of a surfing academy, clothing line and just a brand to develop the surfing future of the Caribbean. So come join me and see how this movement moves forward with all the good words and vibes you could think about!!!!


20 thoughts on “Who is Jason Apparicio

  1. Hail Jason!! Excellent work brother………this is a great way to make a valuable contribution to our Caribbean surfing culture. The Bajan posse is making great strides with several surf schools and the young guns are awesome!! Surfing is alive again!! I am personally starting a surfboard factory again in my own effort to give something to these kids and to the sport of surfing that we all love and respect so much!! Congratulations and big blessings to you and yours!! Nuff repect…..Rapo…….

    1. thanks rapo wish we were like bados but it’s not as easy here but still worth it!!! bless and thanks ja

  2. Jason,

    Keep shootin’ dread! 5 time national champ…that is what is up! You inspired me to do what I do so thank you sir. I still need pics of those cute lil dread in training for your article.


  3. Jason,

    Sounds like your killing it man! Great work with the JASA hope you get the business you deserve. Already planning my return so keep 2011 free for a crazy caribbean adventure!

    YHEW! Speak soon keep up the good work


  4. Hi Ja,
    Just came across your web site whilst watching some Mt Irvine footage on You Tube. Just curious if you would have been surfing there at all in the winters of 1992/1993 and 1993/1994. I seem to remember meeting a hot young Trini surfer named Jason and wondered if it was you?
    Also, wondered where you get your softboards from for your surf school. They look exactly like the ones we supply here in the UK.
    Anyway, good work, well done.



    1. hey pat yes this is me but u make it sound like i got ugly in my later age hahahahaha its all good and the boards i use are gsi, bics, sunsets and wave runners!!! what kind of deals to do u guys get for soft boards could be interesting for me!! bless and have a good one!!!!! ja

  5. Hey Jason,
    Thanks for the reply! No, man I didn’t mean that but I suppose none of us are getting any younger! Loved Mount Irvine and Tobago in general when I was there. I was with a couple of my English mates Paul and Jason who spent the whole winter of 1992/1993 there. Unfortunately I only managed 3 weeks both times I was there. Would love to go back, has it got busy? Do you remember a local guy there called Dougal?
    We have our own brand of boards made for us in China. We’re getting a shipment in for the the UK and Europe soon and are also getting some samples of a proposed new range of boards soon. We’re going to trial these and hopefully they’ll prove to be good and we’ll get more of them. You can check what we do at http://www.ncssurfboards.co.uk. If you send me your e-mail address to info@ncssurfboards.co.uk I’ll send you our trade prices. Not sure about shipping but could probably send direct from our factory.
    Good to hear from you,

    Happy surfing,


  6. Hey Ja,
    How’s it going?
    We’re just launching a new range of EPS/Epoxy core softboards which we’re hoping to get ISA approved. They’re durable, full of volume for beginners but still surf well and are heaps of fun in small clean waves. Drop me an e-mail to info@ncssurfboards.co.uk if you’d like some more info.
    Hope all is well with you,


  7. Hi Jason, I just want to thank you for the awesome surf lessons at Mount Irvine beach in Tobago.
    I´m really happy that finally I learned how to surf.
    Big hug and I hope to see you again.

  8. Aye, Jason. Nice job with the web site and I hope all goes very well with development of the Academy. In my opinion, you should put up lots more photos and vids of you in some of the best waves of your life. No better way to get way to get people stoked on line.

    Best of luck!


  9. Hey,

    I was wondering if you are carrying out lessons from mid December to early jan for beginners?

    Kindest Regards!

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