JASA Surf Academy

Surfing Lessons

We provide lessons all over Trinidad & Tobago coast lines as we are full of plenty surf and can accommodate Beginners and Intermediate surfers. Which includes transportation from the airport or hotel to the beach and back with best choice of a board for your level.


Half day US $50,-
Full day US $100,-

Surf Tour

Is provided for Intermediate and Advance surfers and we can take you to all the top spots in Trinidad and Tobago.


Half day US $50,-
Full day US $100,-

Surf Board Rentals

We also provide at surf board rentals.


US $50,- per hour. (Credit card is necessary)

Tourist Package

We also provide a tour in one day of Trinidad or Tobago to snorkel the reefs, waterfall hike and view turtle layering or hatching at night.


US $100,-

Surf Guide

I also provide a special surf guide any where in the world as i have surfed nearly every where around the globe and i have connections all over the world and know all the good surf spots.


US $100,- per day
Plus air fare to surf destination.

Advanced Surf Techniques

I also provide a training program for kids who want to advance into competitive surfing. This includes Training, Video Graphing and teaching Techniques.


US $30 US per hour

Surf Breaks

In Trinidad and Tobago we have all sorts of waves. Trinidad has a lot of beach breaks but there are also river mouth and reef breaks, good for all level of surfers. Tobago has beach breaks, reef breaks and point breaks good for all level of surfers especially for Intermediate and Advance surfers.


39 thoughts on “JASA Surf Academy

  1. Jason- We are interested in your services and or boards. We basically are a group of 3 surfers,
    I am the most advanced, i’ve been surfing for 45 years, been surfing to many places in the world including the Mentawais twice I am 58 i can ride any board i can paddle,my preferred board is 7’8-8′ trifin i weigh 215 .AI like reef and points.
    My daughter has been surfing since she was 10 years old and is 22 now she can handle herself as long as it isn’t too big (head high is her limit she rides boards around 6′-6’4 and can ride a range of boards including longboards.
    Richard is the oldest of us and has the least experience, his usual spot is malibu and
    can only ride longer 9′ + boards he like his 10 footer i think anything over 5′ would be quite challenging he likes a gentle wave,
    Michelle is his wife and gave me your emial. I am just wondering if i want to drag a board for a week in topago, it is a family trip not just a surf trip for a few surfers. Your board rental says 50 an hour is that correct? Do you have a several day rental?
    We are interested in a surf guide for sure.
    gene berger

  2. Hi jason

    My name’s Leonardo, i’m from Brasil.
    In february I wanna spend a week in your surf camp. I’m a advanced surf and i’m going alone.
    Do you have room avaiable?


  3. hey jason

    was just in trinidad and looking to come back and learn to sure in april – what is your recommendation in terms of best time to come- i know dec to april is dry season in trinidad

    thanks bro

    1. ok maladen, the surf is great here in tobago and it should be good until the end of may so its up to you when u would like to come just let me know and we will make time for you to surf in tobago blessings ja next time please email @ appas_j@hotmail.com thanks ja

  4. Hello,
    I am spending a few days at Miller’s guesthouse in Bucco Bay and would like to take some surf lessons on Friday or Satuday of this week. Are you availale.those days? I have never surfed before and do not have a board.
    Please let me know.

  5. I would to sign up for surfing lessons this summer 2015 in June sometime in June in Tobago at my.Irvine beach I’m 12 years old friend of your daughter Jonah she told about surfing and I wanted to try it you could get in touch with my dad he’s in Tobago right know so if you want you could get in touch with him thank you Jason appricio and buy

    1. I will also like to ad that I don’t have a surfing board I have surfed once and it was when I was 8 years old and again I’m 12 so I need help and I can’t remember how surf anymore

  6. Hello,

    My friend and I are traveling to Trinidad and tabago between march 13th to the 19th. I was interested in prices and times available that we can come! 

    Thank you

    1. Yes the lesson is 2 hours long and I provide all the cost is 50 usd or 300 tt my email is appas_j@hotmail.com or my cell is (868) 367 1744 wouldn’t be able to tell u the time now as I have to know when the high tides are and its a bit far to say right now bless ja

  7. Do you rent surfboards for multiple days? My family and I will be in Trinidad from March 29 to April 4th. We are surfers and we’re hoping to rent some boards. We are staying near toco and also near Blanchisseuse and we will have a vehicle.

  8. Hey Jason,
    My dad is from Trinidad and lives in Tobago. I am Norwegian but lives in Brazil. Me and some friends will go to Tobago for over Xmas and stay until mid January. We would definitely need a surfguide. would you be in Tobago this period?
    All the best,

  9. Where is a good place to stay down there if I may ask? Girlfriend & I are planning a trip down there. Thanks! Stephen.

    1. Hey bro yes a good resonable and safe area to stay close to the waves is a place name Bucco reef and there’s a little a surf place to stay called millards guest rooms if u need more info don’t hesitate to ask bless ja

  10. Hello,
    I have 9 years old daughter who would like to try surfing, she is good snow boarder and excellent skier. We will be staying at Buccoo for 2 days in August, and I was wondering if one or two days of lessons make any sense.

    1. Sorry I now got ur message and I am currently working in Martinique so it wasn’t going to happen and sorry for the inconvenience and late news bless ja

  11. Hello Jason, My name is also Jason and My family and I have just moved to Port of Spain. We have 2 boys who really want to learn to surf. Ages 11 and 9. Would love to discuss a time to get them on the water.

    1. Hey jason hope all is going well in sweet TnT but sorry to say I am currently in Martinique working as a surf coach so u have two choices one to come to Martinique or two I can recommend someone else that has the right equipment for ur boys sorry for the incovience and have a bless week ja

  12. Hi ! me and my boyfriend are interested in a day or couple of surf lessons on Tobago.. How do we get in touch with you ? We ll be on Tobago between 5 and 16 december .. Cheers! All the best ! =) Ivana

  13. JA – Are you back in Trinidad? I have a couple of surfing friends arriving tomorrow, Jan. 27th in POS and are interested in renting boards and surfing with anyone interested. They are here for a week. Suggestions? Thanks, John

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