Other Activities

Tobago based band Ray I - Tobago Jazz FestivalRay I is a newly formed eclectic band currently taking Tobago by surprise with its resonating fusion style and explosive originals. Originally formed in Friendship Farm Tobago by Ray Lee Luck (the lead singer and guitarist) and Jason Appariccio the drummer, the band has evolved to include bassist Siddiq Mohammed and most recent member Terissa Hosein on keyboards.

Ray, previously performed under the name Raising Cane and is well recognized for his fusion performances across Europe, South America and the Caribbean over the last 20 years. Jason (Animal) the drummer is a well known international pro surfer mentored by Orange Sky’s Nigel Rojas. Jason spends his days as a surf instructor and goes crazy on drums by night. Sid (SidOnBass) the resident bassist is a dental surgeon by day based in Trinidad. He has been playing bass for 6 years for various bands in Trinidad before settling with Ray I. The most recent member on keys is Terissa (Super T) a classically trained pianist who prefers the band experience to playing solo. She played with the founding members of Kes the Band back in 2000.

Ray I will be playing for the Tobago Jazz Festival 2015 at Mt Irvine and Scarborough Esplanade and is also the featured house band at Jade Monkey in Crown Point Tobago for the Jazz festival period.


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